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Pure Joy — 60 minutes $105.00 / 90 minutes $155.00

Clinical skin care line with nature fruit base ingredients and skin lightners. Parabens free.

This is a nurturing facial with a relaxing facial massage. 90-minutes treatment includes décolleté with multiple serums and masks. Perfect introduction into skin care. Best for sensitive, dehydrated, mature skin and before an event. Especially, when paired up with the Oxygen Infusion treatment ($70.00 in addition) for a photo-ready confidence. No extraction.

Wild Beauty Joy — 60 minutes $115.00 / 90 minutes $165.00

Powerful indigenous ingredients. Features potent organic and wild-harvested ingredients from across Africa, where some of the safest, unchanged botanical ingredients are grown. Whole herbs used for their potent synergistic benefits. Formulated with ancient beauty recipes.

Classy Joy — 60 minute $125.00 / 90 minute $175.00

From properly cleaning the skin to skin protection, acne to age management, great monthly maintenance for a healthy and youthful skin. Extraction is included. 90-minute treatment includes décolleté. Oxygen Infusion treatment can be added ($70.00 in addition) to bring down inflammation and increase circulation with a healthy glow.

Oxygen Infusion Joy — 60 minutes $125.00 / 90 minutes $175.00

A non-invasive treatment. Peptide rich oxygen Infusion facial uses a stream of pressurized oxygen to form a pressure bubble that delivers active ingredients deep into your skin to provide a moisture boost. Skin appears smoother and plumper. Clean, exfoliate and infusion, this stand-alone treatment can be a wonderful add-on to various facials. 60 minutess comes with one pass of serum. Two passes for a 90- minutes treatment.

Conscious Organic Joy — 60 minutes $135.00 / 90 minutes $185.00

Clean, eco-friendly, organic, luxury result driven artisan brand in California.
Organic facial is an anti-oxidants rich facial. Feeding the skin with concentrated essential nutrients from organic and wild harvest superfoods. The plants vitamins, minerals, natural oils, healing enzymes and antioxidants safely restore smoothness, softness and resilience. To help plump cells and encourage healthy regeneration, add the Oxygen application ($50.00 in addition).

Joyful Collagen Remodeling — 6 visits / $600.00

Clinical skin care line and parabens free. Boost your own collagen production without getting a laser treatment. This facial is a great way to plump the sagging skin with your own collagen from within. Must commit to a minimum visit of 6.

Skin Care Add-ons

Peptide Rich Oxygen Lip Treatment — 15 minutes $20.00
Peptide Rich Oxygen Eye Treatment — 15 minutes $25.00
Hydrating Microcurrent Treatment — 15 minutes $30.00
Age Management Red Light Therapy — 15 minutes $20.00
Hand or Foot Treatment — 15 minutes $25.00