Meet Our Therapist

Joy Liang

I am a CAMTC Certified Massage Therapist, Licensed Esthetician, and Licensed Cosmetologist. I have been practicing professional massage therapies as well as skin care services for over a decade. I have worked in luxury spas most of my career, being one of the most requested therapists. During those years, I worked on public figures, politicians, athletes, artists, business elites and some well-known professionals both local and from around the world.

Massage has always been a nationwide common practice in Taiwan. It is both nurturing and therapeutic in nature. This practice continued today has been in the Chinese households for thousands of years. I have learned the fundamental concepts and intention of massage and that each stroke is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine teachings.

I apply advanced massage techniques to help relieve people of their aches and pains. However, what I really care about is my client’s sense of well being. Whether is a massage or a skin care treatment, it is more than just going through the techniques, it is all about the intention to transform the stroke in a greater way. There is a “dance” between nurturing and therapy, the Yin and the Yang, the give and the release, and the East meets the West. This “ dance” can help clients feel restored because their mental and emotional states have been addressed as well as their physical complaints. I am blessed to be able to offer you my many years of luxurious work experience and knowledge at my private practice. I am here to provide humble services one at a time.